About Marble Art Originals

Marble Art Originals Ltd originated in South Africa 1990's and was started in 2012 in the United Kingdom with the aim of providing the very best marbling kits and marbling paints available, along with detailed and easy to follow instructions, contained within our books on marbling. Our old website marbling4fun.net will be retiring soon, we hope you enjoy using our new website marblingkit.com!


Marbling originally started during the Sung dynasty in ancient China with suminagashi or 'floating ink' techniques being developed Japan during the twelfth century where paper was used to collect the result. These early marbling art pieces were highly prized and reserved for nobles and royalty.

Modern day marbling techniques can be traced back to 13th century Turkistan and 14th century Persia, so it is likely the techinque travelled the silk road along with the marbled wares.

This method which was refined in Europe uses a special "floater" product to make paint sit on the surface or water, allowing for many more applications than just paper.